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Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Animal Biology Bachelor; Honours
Bachelor of One Health Bachelor; Honours
Bio-Medical Science Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biodiversity Bachelor; Honours
Biological and Medical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Biological and Medical Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological Science Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Toxicology Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Toxicology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemical Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Ecology Bachelor; Honours
Ecology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Biology Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Geomatics Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Geomatics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Marine and Freshwater Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Marine and Freshwater Biology Bachelor; Honours
Microbiology Bachelor; Honours
Microbiology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Molecular Biology and Genetics Bachelor; Honours
Nanoscience Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Nanoscience Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Physical Science Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Plant Science Bachelor; Honours
Theoretical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Wildlife Biology and Conservation Bachelor; Honours
Zoology Bachelor; Honours

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Applied Human Nutrition Bachelor; Honours
Bachelor of One Health Bachelor; Honours
Child Studies Bachelor; Honours
Culture and Technology Studies Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
European Studies Bachelor; Honours
Family Studies and Human Development Bachelor; Honours
French Studies/Études françaises Bachelor; Honours
Geography Bachelor; Honours
Geography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Government, Economics and Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Government, Economics and Management Bachelor; Honours
International Development Studies Bachelor; Honours
International Development Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Justice and Legal Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Justice and Legal Studies Bachelor; Honours
Mathematical Economics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematical Economics (MAEC) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Honours

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Agriculture Associate
Animal Science Bachelor; Honours
Environmental and Resource Management Bachelor; Honours
Environmental and Resource Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Economics and Policy Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Economics and Policy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Governance Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Governance Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Management Associate
Environmental Management Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Equine Care and Management Associate
Equine Management Bachelor; Honours
Food and Agricultural Business Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Food and Agricultural Business Bachelor; Honours
Food Science Bachelor; Honours
Food Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics Bachelor; Honours
Honours Agriculture Bachelor; Honours
Horticulture Associate
Indigenous Environmental Science and Practice Bachelor; Honours
Turfgrass Management Associate; Co-op
Turfgrass Management Associate

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Biological Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Engineering Systems and Computing Bachelor; Honours
Engineering Systems and Computing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Landscape Architecture Bachelor; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Software Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Software Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Water Resources Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Water Resources Engineering Bachelor; Honours

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor; Honours
Accounting Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Criminal Justice and Public Policy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Criminal Justice and Public Policy Bachelor; Honours
Food Industry Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Food Industry Management Bachelor; Honours
Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Management Bachelor; Honours
Management Economics and Finance Bachelor; Honours
Management Economics and Finance Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Marketing Management Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Real Estate Bachelor; Honours
Real Estate Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Bachelor of One Health Bachelor; Honours
Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Human Kinetics Bachelor; Honours
Sport and Event Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sport and Event Management Bachelor; Honours

Humanities and Languages

Classical Studies Bachelor; Honours
English Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Art History Bachelor; Honours
Music Bachelor; Honours
Studio Art Bachelor; Honours
Theatre Studies Bachelor; Honours

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematical Science (MSCI) Bachelor; Honours

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Criminal Justice and Public Policy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Criminal Justice and Public Policy Bachelor; Honours

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