British Columbia Institute of Technology

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Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Aircraft Gas Turbine Technician Certificate
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category 'M' (Maintenance) Diploma
Applied Software Development (ASD) Certificate
Architectural and Building Technology Certificate
Architectural and Structural CADD and Graphics Technician (Architectural Option) Certificate
Architectural Science Bachelor
Automated Controls Installation and Maintenance Certificate
Automotive Collision Repair Technician Foundation Diploma
Automotive Service Technician and Operations Diploma; Co-op
Automotive Service Technician and Operations (Ford ASSET Option) Diploma; Co-op
Automotive Technician Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Automotive Technician (Honda/Acura Foundation) Certificate
Automotive Technician (Toyota Foundation) Certificate
Automotive Technician Foundation Certificate
Automotive Technician GM (ASEP) Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Biomedical Engineering Technology Diploma
Boilermaker Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Boilermaker Foundation Certificate
Building Construction Technology Certificate
Building Controls & Energy Management Certificate
Building Design and Architectural CAD Certificate
Building Energy Modelling Certificate
Carpentry Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Carpentry Framing and Forming Certificate
Civil Engineering Bachelor
Civil Engineering Diploma
Civil Technology Certificate
Civil Technology (Associate Certificate) Certificate
CNC Machinist Technician Diploma; Co-op
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technology Certificate
Computer Systems Certificate
Computer Systems Diploma
Computer Systems (Database Option) Bachelor
Computer Systems (Human Computer Interface Option) Bachelor
Computer Systems Technology Diploma
Computer Systems Technology - Client/Server Diploma; Co-op
Computer Systems Technology - Data Communications and Internetworking Diploma; Co-op
Computer Systems Technology - Database Diploma; Co-op
Computer Systems Technology - Digital Processing Diploma; Co-op
Computer Systems Technology - Information Systems Diploma; Co-op
Computer Systems Technology - Technical Programming Diploma; Co-op
Construction Drawings Certificate
Construction Estimating Certificate
Diesel Engine Mechanic Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Electrical Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (Automation and Instrumentation Option) Diploma; Co-op
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (Electrical Power and Industrial Control Option) Diploma; Co-op
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (Telecommunications and Networks Option) Diploma; Co-op
Electrical Foundation Certificate
Electronics Bachelor
Environmental Engineering Bachelor
Gasfitter - Class B Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician Certificate
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician Diploma; Co-op
Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Heavy Duty Truck Technology Diploma; Co-op
Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation Certificate
House Inspection Not Applicable
Industrial Electrician Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Industrial Instrumentation Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control Technician Diploma
Insulator (Heat and Frost) Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Ironworker - Reinforcing Certificate
Ironworker Foundation Certificate
Ironworker Generalist Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Joinery (Cabinetmaker) Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Joinery (Cabinetmaker) Foundation Certificate
Machinist Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Machinist Foundation Certificate
Manufacturing Bachelor
Marine Engineering Diploma; Co-op
Marine Fitter Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Marine Mechanical Technician Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Mechanical Design Option) Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Mechanical Manufacturing Option) Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Mechanical Systems Option) Diploma
Mechanical Systems Certificate
Metal Fabricator Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Metal Fabricator Foundation Certificate
Millwright Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Millwright Foundation Certificate
Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology Diploma
Motor Vehicle Body Repair Technician Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Motor Vehicle Body Repair Technician Foundation Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Motorcycle and Power Equipment Mechanic Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician Foundation Certificate
Occupational Health and Safety Certificate; Online
Occupational Health and Safety Diploma
Operations Management (Industrial Engineering Option) Certificate
Piping Foundation Certificate
Plumber Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Power and Process Engineering Diploma
Power Engineering (General Program) Certificate
Pump Maintenance Not Applicable
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Foundation Certificate; Co-op
Renewable Energy Electrical Systems Installation & Maintenance Certificate; Advanced
Roadworks Maintenance Not Applicable
Security Systems Technician Certificate
Sheet Metal Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Sheet Metal Working Foundation Certificate
Steamfitter/Pipefitter Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Welder Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Welder Foundation Certificate
Welding, Level A Certificate
Welding, Level B Certificate

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor
Advanced Business Management Certificate
Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate
Advanced Marketing Management Certificate
Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor
Business Management Certificate
Business Management Diploma; Advanced
Business Management Diploma
Business Management (Advanced Placement – Degree/Diploma entry) Diploma
Computerized Accounting Certificate
Construction Management Bachelor
Construction Supervision Certificate
E-commerce Certificate; Online
Financial Analyst Certificate
Financial Management (Financial Planning Option) Certificate
Financial Management (Professional Accounting Option) Certificate
Financial Management - Finance Certificate
Fire Executive Management Certificate; Online
Global Business Studies Certificate; Online
Global Trade and Transportation Management Diploma
Human Resource Management Diploma
Human Resource Management (Associate Management Certificate) Certificate
Human Resource Management (Senior Management Certificate) Certificate
International Trade and Transportation Logistics Certificate
Leadership Certificate
Lean Six Sigma Principles Certificate
Marketing Management (Entrepreneurship Option) Diploma
Marketing Management (Marketing Communications Option) Diploma
Marketing Management (Professional Sales Option) Diploma
Marketing Management (Professional Sales Option) Certificate
Marketing Management (Tourism Management Option) Diploma
Marketing Management - Customer Relationship Marketing Certificate
Marketing Management - Entrepreneurship Certificate
Marketing Management - Fundraising Management Certificate
Marketing Management - Marketing Communications Certificate
Marketing Management - Retail Marketing Management Certificate
Marketing Management - Sales Skills Certificate
Media Techniques and Marketing Communication Certificate
Media Techniques for Business Certificate
Nonprofit Management Certificate; Online
Office Administrator with Technology Program (OAT) Certificate
Operations Management (Management Engineering Option) Certificate
Operations Management (Materials Management Option) Certificate
Professional Real Estate Diploma
Project Management Not Applicable
Public Works Supervision Certificate
Quality and Process Management Certificate
Railway Conductor Certificate
Sustainable Business Leadership Diploma; Advanced
Sustainable Event Management Diploma
Tourism and Hospitality Diploma
Tourism and Hospitality Certificate
Transport Trailer Technician Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Truck and Transport Mechanic Not Applicable; Apprenticeship

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Cardiovascular Perfusion Certificate; Online; Distance
Critical Care Nursing Specialty Certificate; Online
Critical Care Nursing Specialty (Combined Critical Care/Emergency Option) Certificate; Online
Diesel Engine Mechanic Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Electroneurophysiology Diploma
Emergency Nursing Specialty (Combined Emergency/Critical Care Option) Certificate; Online
Emergency Nursing Specialty (Pediatric Emergency Option) Certificate; Online
Emergency Nursing Specialty (Standard Option) Certificate; Online
Environmental Health (Public Health Inspection) Bachelor
Health Leadership Certificate; Online; Distance
High Acuity Specialty Nursing Certificate
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate; Online
Medical Laboratory Science Diploma
Medical Office Assistant Certificate
Medical Radiography Diploma
Neonatal Nursing Specialty Certificate; Online
Nephrology Nursing Specialty Certificate; Online
Nuclear Medicine Diploma
Nursing Bachelor
Pediatric Emergency Nursing Specialty Certificate; Online; Distance
Pediatric Nursing Specialty (Critical Care Option) Certificate; Online
Pediatric Nursing Specialty (Standard Option) Certificate; Online
Perinatal Nursing Specialty (Perinatal - Perioperative Option) Certificate; Online
Perinatal Nursing Specialty (Standard Option) Certificate; Online
Perioperative Nursing Specialty Certificate; Online
Prosthetics and Orthotics Diploma
Radiation Therapy Bachelor
Sonography (Cardiac Option) Diploma; Advanced
Specialty Nursing (Critical Care - Combined Critical Care/Emergency Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Critical Care - Standard Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Emergency - Combined Emergency/Critical Care Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Emergency - Standard Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (High Acuity) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Neonatal) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Nephrology) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Occupational Health) Bachelor; Online
Specialty Nursing (Pediatric - Critical Care Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Pediatric - Standard Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Perinatal - Perioperative Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Perinatal - Standard Option) Bachelor; Online; Distance
Specialty Nursing (Perioperative) Bachelor; Online; Distance

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Honours in Biotechnology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Hydronic Technician Certificate

Personal Improvement and Leisure


Humanities and Languages

Technical Writing Certificate

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