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Resources to Help Make Canada Feel Like Home
Campus resources for international students.
University of Windsor: A Home Away From Home
Your student life on campus will be social and exciting place to learn.
Top 3 Places on Campus to Help You Get Connected
Connect with the community on campus to get the best out of your Canadian College experience.
Canadian Education Outside of the Classroom
Experience university life to its fullest.
Big Community in a Smaller University Environment
Enhance your studies by getting involved in student life.
How to Make the Most of Student Life in Canada
Here are a few ways to make the most of your time in Canada as a student!
Get Out, Get Involved & Build Your Social Network at Algonquin College
Get involved and get noticed in the Algonquin College Community! Use your co-curricular record to keep track of your experience, build your resume and meet new people while attending Algonquin College.
Why Montreal Is The Perfect Place To Go To University
Joie de vivre in an amazing city, ranked the top spot on the planet for students in 2017!
Top Four Challenges Faced by International Students
And how to approach them.
How to Find Your First Canadian Job?
Land a job before you graduate!
Kathleen Fowlstone: First Place at IMATS LA 2018
John Casablanca's Institute Makeup Artistry graduate competed at the IMATS Battle of the Brushes 2018 Competition in Los Angeles and took home first place.
How to Make the Most of a Campus Tour
Visiting a school in person is a great opportunity for you to see the campus, hear from real students, and get a look at the dorms!