Top 10 Ways to Get Involved at Your New School

By Carleton University Modified on September 12, 2019
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Moved to a new school and country? Make the most of your time by getting involved!

A big group of Carleton University students in red shirts get involved at their new school.

1. Go to student orientation

This is a great way to find your way around your school, learn about the services available to you, and to meet some friends! In addition to orientation for all students, Carleton has a summer orientation for new students and their parents / guardians, as well as orientation sessions specifically for international students to help with a successful transition to student life in Canada.

2. Connect with peers

At Carleton, you can connect with a peer even before you arrive in Canada. Peers are upper year students available to support you, as you learn to navigate the culture, services, and social elements of your new home in Ottawa and at Carleton University.

3. Check out student clubs and societies

Carleton University has over 200 clubs and societies that cover a wide variety of interests (academic, social, political and charitable). It's yet another way to meet new people, gain valuable skills, and pursue your interests outside the classroom.

4. Volunteer on campus

Many offices and departments on campus have volunteer programs. At Carleton, you can be an international student ambassador, a peer volunteer in the International Student Services Office and the Student Experience Office, you can volunteer to take notes for students with disabilities, and much more!

5. Volunteer in the community

There are so many volunteer opportunities in Ottawa, and Carleton has a culture of giving back. Many of the clubs and societies do volunteer work — for local and global causes and organizations.

6. Get a part-time job or apply for a co-op

Most international students can work part-time in Canada during their studies — either on or off campus. Co-op is another alternative to get valuable work experience related to your field of study, and to supplement your income.

7. Go to events

There are many organized activities for students all year round — some are social, and others are opportunities to expand your perspectives and network. Try something you've never done before, like snowshoeing or skating with your fellow students!

8. Join an athletics team or a class

This can be at any level — varsity, intramural, or just for fun!

9. Familiarize yourself with student services

There are teams of people waiting to help you. Whether it's writing papers, academic advice, managing your career, or making sure you're making the most of your university experience in Canada (including offices specifically for international students), there's support tailored just for you.

10. Make friends from everywhere

It's easier to find people from home to make friends with — and you should! But make an effort to branch out — other international students and Canadians alike are looking for new friends just like you.

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