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Cricket is Taking Your Campus by Storm
Stay active this summer: join the sport that 200 million people worldwide are already playing!
Why You Should Study in Manitoba
Red River College Polytechnic shares some of the many exciting benefits of living in Manitoba.
Get Involved with CBU
At Cape Breton University, you'll find plenty of options for getting involved with recreation and creative arts activities.
Student Life in Vancouver
Learn more about the student life at Alexander College!
Centennial College Sports Journalism Students Cover Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games
Sports Journalism students from Centennial College have the opportunity of a lifetime to gain real experience in their field.
Three Refugee Olympic Athletes Destined for Canadian College after Tokyo Games
Sheridan College partners with WUSC and UNHCR to offer admission to three athletes from the Refugee Olympic Team.
Top Tips from Students for Choosing a University
University students offer suggestions for finding the program that's right for you.
Play Your Game at Laurier
Basketball? We've got it. Hockey? Definitely. Cricket? Laurier students made it happen.
Extra-Curriculars: Prepare for School by Doing What You Love
Taking part in clubs, athletics, and other activities is as important as getting good grades.
Top 10 Ways to Get Involved at Your New School
Moved to a new school and country? Make the most of your time by getting involved!
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