Cricket is Taking Your Campus by Storm

Stay active this summer: join the sport that 200 million people worldwide are already playing!

Cricket is Taking Your Campus by Storm

Bring a slice of home to your Canadian campus: join (or start!) a cricket team this summer!

What is cricket, exactly?

Cricket is a "bat-and-ball" game somewhat similar to baseball. Cricket started in England and grew in popularity, spreading to southern Africa, the West Indies, Australasia, and especially South Asia, including India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Today, some of the world's best players are from these regions.

Why play cricket at college or university?

Cricket is rapidly increasing in popularity among Canadians, and around the globe. This fun and strategic sport promotes physical and psychological well-being, community cohesion, and serves as a bridge between cultures.

Good news: summer season is just starting, with high profile tournaments, student and community league playoffs, and recruitment of new players at campus cricket clubs for all skill levels — ranging from "what is cricket?" all the way up to semi-professional. This summer's cricket season is a great chance to build meaningful social connections which can help you adapt to your new life in Canada.

Getting started in cricket at your school

With its over thirty partner institutions, Canadian College & University Cricket (CCUC) is a strong first point of connection for individual student players and institutions alike.

The league is more than just a platform for talented young athletes to showcase their skills, says Hassan Mirza, co-founder and president of CCUC. It's a community of driven individuals who are committed to promoting mental health awareness, academic excellence, and healthy lifestyles.

Through the CCUC league, players get opportunities to build lifelong friendships, develop leadership skills, and learn from coaches who care about their success both on and off the field. By supporting players, the league helps to create a brighter future for our communities and our country.

(Curious about campus cricket in Canada? Join CCUC on Instagram!)

Women's cricket: the world's fastest-growing sport

CCUC facilitates the development of cricket programs for both men and women. Women's cricket has experienced significant growth and development in recent years. According to the International Cricket Council, women's cricket is the fastest-growing sport in the world. In 2020, there were more than 1.5 million women and girls playing cricket globally, representing a 48% increase in participation since 2016.

Considering joining a women's cricket team? With specialized training, a welcoming and encouraging environment, and a vast array of tools to help you succeed, you're in good hands with CCUC!

Cricket is Taking Your Campus by Storm

Showing love to the fans — and the players

On the campus level, CCUC's commitment to maximizing opportunities for players and fans knows no bounds. Facilitating games and tournaments, training and practice, and international all-star tours in partnership with American College Cricket makes for exciting seasons, and provides students and spectators exposure to the American cricket market as well.

Check out the CCUC event calendar for info on upcoming tournaments and series.

Where sports meet studies

Ensuring academic awareness and striving for excellence in students' fields of study are among CCUC's core values, governing the timing of tournaments, practices, and tours. Alumni events are hosted regularly, enabling current and former students to network professionally, seek mentorship, and bond over their shared love of the game.

Cricket is Taking Your Campus by Storm

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