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A guide to York International's global connections and pre-arrival online workshops.

A guide to York International's global connections and pre-arrival online workshops.

As an international student, there are many things to consider before you make your way to York University. York U and York International's team of Global Liaisons are here to help you! They have all the resources you need, and they have created a series of Pre-Arrival Online Workshops for you to participate in before you arrive here at York. Learn more about the Global Connections program and their workshops below:

Global Connections

Global Connections (GC) is a program designed by York International (YI) with the goal of helping you prepare for life at York University and in Canada once you become a York student. YI has Global Liaisons, a team of multilingual and multicultural international students, who are available to chat with you or answer questions online before and after you arrive. On campus, they organize coffee breaks and other events for current international students throughout the academic year and summer. They look forward to meeting you online and in person!

Pre-Arrival Online Workshops

During the summer months, the Global Liaisons host a series of pre-arrival online workshops on topics that matter most to new international students from their own perspective. They will share their experiences, tips for success and will take you on a virtual journey throughout campus and beyond. These topics include:

  • Welcome! Your Home Away from Home! – An Introduction to York International and the supports and services that they provide.
  • York & U: Campus Life – A summary of co-curricular activities on campus for you to enjoy when you are here!
  • Pack Your Bags: Pre-Arrival Checklist – Your last webinar to watch before you arrive, this workshop is a step-by-step breakdown of all the necessary things you need before you arrive in Toronto and at York!

At York University, we understand how difficult it can be to move away from home. We are a diverse and supportive community that supports and empowers students as they transition into and through their university experience. Consider us your home away from home. If you have any more questions, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to meeting you online and in person!

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