Online Learning Opportunities for International Students

By Centennial College Modified on September 28, 2020

Get a great Canadian education, no matter where you live in the world.

Get a great Canadian education from Centennial College, no matter where you live in the world.

Online and hybrid programs offer great opportunities for students to continue studies during these unprecedented times. While international students face unique challenges, Centennial College is there to support them throughout their academic and professional journey.

Transition to Online Learning

Project Management student, Nipun Kakar, from India, noticed that the transition from in-person learning to online learning was a smooth and easy experience. He found that "professors were very accommodating" and felt that his learning was not compromised throughout the duration of completing his program online. Nipun also really enjoyed learning from his professors: "I realized that many of my professors in my program really wanted me to succeed. They are very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching, which is highly motivating."

Preparing students for new job markets Kimberley Stennett, Health Informatics Technology alumni from Jamaica, also found that her professors supported her immensely during her academic journey by sharing their "real-world experience as IT professionals in the healthcare industry." In her program at Centennial, "the use of technology to deliver healthcare to locations that are geographically dispersed is one of the most important skills I have learned." As technology trends continue to rapidly transform the way people and organizations work, Centennial provides new ways for students to land high-tech jobs by offering Health Informatics Technology and Software Engineering programs online.

"There are many tech companies and startups in Toronto, and if one's interest is software engineering then there are vast opportunities throughout the Greater Toronto Area for such prospects," Kimberley shares as advice from her successful career in IT Service Management.

Advice to incoming students

A piece of advice that Nipun would give to prospective students is to "ask a lot of questions; the professors are there to help you achieve your goals and steer you down the right path."

Start your path to Canada online!

At Centennial College, you can begin your Canadian education online and continue your next semester in Toronto, Canada. Or, complete your industry-recognized program entirely online.

Centennial College has developed a series of world-class virtual learning experiences with 45 programs that will enable students to get a virtual head start on their education. The School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, The Business School, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, and the School of Communications, Media, Arts, and Design offer fully-online programs that feature leading-edge and interactive learning opportunities!

Apply online for the fall 2020 or winter 2021 semester.

By: Jenny Tsai, Project Management Student at Centennial College

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