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Wilfrid Laurier University helps you find scholarship opportunities to fund your education.


Universities in Canada have some of the lowest tuition fees in English-speaking countries, but it can still be very expensive to attend university in another country. At Wilfrid Laurier University, we have several funding opportunities available to you, in your first year and beyond, to help you cover the costs of your education.

At Laurier, some scholarships require a separate application while others are automatically awarded based on students’ academic achievement. All scholarship amounts are listed in Canadian dollars and are for students in undergraduate programs.

Scholarships with Separate Applications

Laurier Scholars Award

The prestigious Laurier Scholars Award is an annual entrance scholarship valued at $40,000 over four years. This scholarship is awarded each year to high-achieving students and provides the opportunity to participate in a dynamic learning environment that will foster innovative thinking and ethical, visionary leadership.

Award recipients will join a community of scholars and receive mentorship, networking, research, and experiential learning opportunities throughout their degree. Applications for the Laurier Scholars Award open in December 2021.

Inspiring Lives Scholarship

Every year, multiple Inspiring Lives Scholarships are awarded to international students who demonstrate how they inspire lives of leadership and purpose in their communities and through extra-curricular activities. This scholarship is exclusive to international students and all eligible students will be invited to apply.

Applications open in the summer and successful students will be notified before classes begin in fall 2022.

International Scholarships and Awards

There are many scholarships and awards at Laurier just for international students. Students can search for these scholarships and awards using our Student Awards Search Engine. Through the search engine, students can also find scholarships and awards based on faculty, program, and other criteria.

Details on how to apply for these scholarships, the values and the application deadline will be provided with each scholarship through the search engine.

Competitive Scholarships and Awards

Every year, students can apply for competitive scholarships, awards and bursaries by completing a student profile, available through the applicant portal. The awards are based on the information provided by students, including interests, extra-curricular involvement, financial need, academic achievement and more.

Access to the student profile form opens in June of each year.

Scholarships that are Automatically Assessed

President’s Gold Scholarship

The President’s Gold Scholarship is an entrance scholarship that is open to all international students and is automatically awarded if your admissions average is 95% or higher. Recipients of this scholarship will receive $4,000 in their first year and the scholarship is renewable in each year of their degree, up to five years, provided students meet eligibility requirements.

Entrance Scholarships

Every international student who applies to Laurier is automatically assessed for an entrance scholarship. These scholarships are based on your final admissions average and no additional application is required. Students who have an admissions average of 80% and higher will receive an entrance scholarship.

Upper-Year Scholarships

In upper years of study (all undergraduate years after first year), students will automatically be considered for in-course scholarships, based on their grade point averages (GPAs). These scholarships are awarded for GPAs of 10.0 (approximately 80%) and higher, with the GPAs based on courses from the previous academic year. Students don’t have to apply for these scholarships; they are automatically awarded to eligible students.

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