Micro-credentials at Centennial: Small Commitment, Big Results

By Centennial College Modified on October 31, 2022
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Micro-credentials are becoming more popular among current students and new grads alike. But is a micro-credential right for you?

Micro-credentials at Centennial. Small Commitment, Big Results

Centennial College's new suite of micro-credentials is the most efficient way to develop in-demand skills to propel your career. Short in duration, these concise learning experiences are flexible, modern, and focused on industry needs and the future of work.

Why a micro-credential?

Automation and advanced technology are just two of the reasons workplaces in every industry are rapidly evolving. A unique, forward-thinking micro-credential can help you get ahead.

Micro-credentials are designed to quickly help you achieve your career goals. By growing your skills in a specific subject area or capability, you signal to employers that you're prepared for the future of work.

We offer micro-credentials in all seven of our Academic Schools. While concentrated in their delivery, they cover industries as wide ranging as:

The entirely-online delivery of micro-credentials means you can gain the tools to excel in a continuously evolving workforce without complicating your schedule or lifestyle. Their modular design and innovative curriculum — developed alongside industry partners — makes micro-credentials the perfect addition to your existing education or experience.

Micro-credentials approved for OSAP funding

Several of Centennial's micro-credentials are eligible for funding from OSAP, the Ontario Student Assistance Program, which is Ontario's provincial student loan provider.

These particular micro-credentials are great, as you can get a student loan to help you afford the costs in the short term, so you can enjoy the long-term gains in employability and earnings.

You can check out the full list of OSAP-approved micro-credentials, but here's a quick list of a few notable options:

"Stacking" micro-credentials

Some micro-credentials may be "stackable," allowing you to pursue whole credentials such as diplomas or certificates. Whether you're upskilling or reskilling, micro-credentials will get you noticed while feeding your pursuit of lifelong learning.

Now, more than ever, your time is indispensable. Make it count with micro-credentials.

Check out new and upcoming micro-credentials at Centennial College

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