Preparing for Post-Secondary Education While in High School

By King's University College Modified on October 27, 2022
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Back-to-school means learning today, and preparing for the next chapter!

Preparing for Post-Secondary Education While in High School

While students are settling into the school year, it is time to begin preparing for post-secondary education to set yourself up as a competitive applicant. Check out these tips to help you choose the right program for you, gain experience, and develop skills to help you prepare.

Make the most of your senior year

While it can feel overwhelming to look ahead after graduation, it is also important to be present and make the most of your final year in high school.

Challenge yourself: take electives that interest you and provide you with a well-rounded experience, as well as advanced courses to help you prepare for the increased work load of post-secondary courses. Take pre-requisite courses for programs of interest, and ensure that your top six courses align, such as Grade 12U English and Grade 12U/M Math courses.

Maintain your grades because GPA is an important factor for any application. Many schools require minimum grade averages for admissions, and some programs are quite competitive with applicants. Additionally, scholarships (at some institutions) are guaranteed with marks, and can supplement the costs associated with the investment of a post-secondary education.

Extracurriculars are also an essential part of your high school experience, and set you apart from the rest. Join clubs and try new activities, get involved in your local community, and make some memories! Maintaining employment, attending leadership summits, and completing certifications (like first aid or inclusion training) are also great ways to gain experience and expand your knowledge.

Explore your school and program options

Reflect on what you want out of your university experience, and begin researching programs and schools of interest. This is also the time to decide what type of education is the right path for you to learn, build skills, make connections, and open up opportunities after graduation.

Other important factors to consider are what makes programs unique, events at the institution, resources available on campus, career options from alumni, and anything else that you believe will provide you with the best post-secondary experience.

Discuss your options with family and friends

Sit down with the important people in your life to discuss your options. While it is your experience, a positive support system can help ease the transition, and is an investment for everyone in terms of time, effort, and money. Having these discussions ensures that you are making the best decision for you!

Know your deadlines

Once you have decided where you want to apply, write down the important dates you need to know in a list or a calendar. Planning ahead ensures that you have time to gather all necessary documentation, set financial goals for saving, and plan around daily life. Examples include application and scholarship deadlines, fee schedules, and residence deposits.

Visit campus

Visit the campus to gain a sense of where you belong for your university experience. King’s also has in-person and virtual campus tours available throughout the year. You can also contact academic advisors, faculty members, and current students to hear about their experiences and find out more information.

Form positive habits now

Another way to prepare for post-secondary education while in high school is through personal development. With an increased work load, new environment, and being on your own, building healthy habits will make the transition smoother. Developing skills such as organization, time management, and note taking are crucial! Being disciplined with building these habits takes time and patience, but sets you up for success in the long run.

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