6 Significant Advantages of Career Colleges

By Cornerstone International Community College of Canada Modified on November 18, 2022
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Cornerstone International Community College of Canada shares why you should consider a career college for your Canadian education.

 6 Significant Advantages of Career Colleges

Are you considering an education in Canada? There are many students that may just focus on going to university. However, in this day and time, the bigger picture is way more versatile! The advantages of studying in career colleges in Canada have never been that obvious compared to the past few decades!

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider changing your mind before going to any university.

1. Step your foot in any industry faster with hands-on knowledge

As part of our education as a vocational college in Canada, we prepare students for the skills they need to be successful in the field they have chosen. By doing that, students get enough knowledge and self-esteem to dive into their industry faster than university students.

2. More personalized training

Since universities have so many students, it’s impossible to pay the same attention to every individual. As one of the largest career colleges in Canada, we still can individualize our teaching method for each student in the classroom.

3. More affordable education for what you need

Universities have longer academic education than regular college programs. On top of that, the education cost for each year usually starts from $20,000 CAD/a year. When you add up all the costs of education, programs at career colleges will cost less and students can start building a career faster than ever!

4. Access to the most updated content

We live in an era when all information is updated in real time. That is why one of the most challenging difficulties in any industry is finding an employee with the most updated knowledge. Our diploma programs are developed by our instructors and industry professionals, so that we can update the curriculum based on the most recent knowledge.

5. Easier and higher chance of acceptance to study in Canada

University programs do not have monthly start dates like career colleges do. So, you have opportunities to apply at any point throughout the year.

Moreover, their application process is quite complicated and very frustrating to find someone to contact. Most of the colleges in Canada have their own application process. Our specialized student recruitment team can speak more than 12 languages to support our international students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our international team at any time.

6. A higher chance to start your career in Canada

Diploma programs take shorter periods of time to finish successfully. And what’s even better? You will gain higher salaries compared to university grads while having more up-to-date knowledge and hands-on skills under your belts!

In Canada, employers are interested in your knowledge and experience, not which Canadian school you graduated from.

So, if you were considering pursuing your education in Canada and weren’t sure where you should go, consider a career college to gain practical skills essential to succeed in your field.

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