Choosing Your Courses for First Year

By King's University College Modified on April 25, 2023
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Course selection season is right around the corner. King's shares four tips on making good choices to meet your goals.

Choosing Your Courses for First Year

With course selection just around the corner, here are a few tips on preparing for first year:

1. See if your campus offers academic counselling

These appointments are life savers, especially in year one. Academic advisors will help you choose and enroll in courses that are mandatory for your program, and help you discover your interests and choose elective courses.

Here at King's, students can book their one-on-one advising appointment starting April 1st. The link to book is included in your admission letter!

2. Ask current students

Check out your campus' resources for incoming students. Here at King's we have current students available to chat about their experiences as a King's student. If you're not sure which electives you may want to take, it might be nice to ask a current student what courses they loved taking in their first year. You can chat with current students at King's on our website.

3. Access student supports

These services are specifically designed and put in place to provide support for you as a student. Since they're run through your school, they're usually on-site, accessible, easy to access, and have hours to accommodate your class schedule.

Students' academic success is important, but students' individual well-being is just as important, so make sure that you are using the services put in place to help support you.

If you are a student with a learning need, now is a great time to chat with your university to make sure the supports you need are set up and in place for you when you get to campus in the fall.

4. Review your schedule

Take a moment to evaluate your weekly schedule. Did you allot enough time to study? Do you need to adjust your work schedule? When you're choosing and enrolling in your classes, be practical about the time you'll need during the week to study and / or work. Make sure that your schedule suits your lifestyle and that you're truly interested in what you're learning!

Remember that most campuses' (including King's) first year is a general year, meaning you can take the prerequisites for the program you applied for, but that you also have room to take lots of electives and try new things before specializing in later years.

First year is a time to explore your interests and really decide what you want to study, so don't be afraid to experiment!

Best of luck with your course selection and have a wonderful rest of your school year.

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