Olds College Launches New Indoor Agriculture Certificate

By Olds College of Agriculture & Technology Modified on December 06, 2023
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Discover the future of sustainable farming!

 Olds College Launches New Indoor Agriculture Certificate

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is proud to announce the launch of the groundbreaking Indoor Agriculture Certificate program, the first of its kind offered in Canada.

Gain essential skills specifically for the controlled environment agriculture sector

Designed to meet the surging demand for skilled professionals in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) sector, this four-month program will equip students with the knowledge and hands-on experience for a fulfilling career in controlled environment agriculture, addressing the growing demand for sustainable and high-tech farming methods.

“We are very excited to offer a program that caters specifically to the controlled environment agriculture sector,” comments Debbie Thompson, VP, Academic. “Our students will acquire essential skills in plant production techniques, modern technologies, and business practices that are crucial for success in this field.”

The Indoor Agriculture Certificate program offers a unique blend of on-campus and online courses, providing students with the flexibility to learn in diverse environments. The curriculum focuses on crucial aspects such as crop production techniques, state-of-the-art technologies, and business practices tailored to the CEA sector.

First cohort of students begin in Fall 2024

This program will welcome an inaugural cohort of thirty students in the fall of 2024, offering an incredible opportunity for those seeking a career in controlled environment agriculture.

The Indoor Agriculture Certificate program is partially funded by the generous support of RBC, as part of a $150,000 commitment they made to Olds College earlier this summer to promote and advance research and innovation in the field of controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Applications are now open, and prospective students can find more information on the program page.

Learn more about the Indoor Agriculture Certificate

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