Immersive Learning: Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad

By King's University College Modified on May 26, 2023
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Get a global education, and polish up your resumé, by internationalizing your degree.

Immersive Learning: Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad

Are you someone who has a passion for global learning? Do you want to see the world, experience different cultures, make new friends, and also gain a university degree? If so, studying abroad is a great opportunity for you!

At King's University College, you'll have tons of experiential learning opportunities that get out of the classroom and into the world to explore, experience, and learn. Whether you'd like to take a summer course abroad, a semester, or a full year, there's always an opportunity for you to go and to grow.

To learn more about King's experiential learning opportunities, visit our website and see the many different ways we offer hands-on experience to our students outside the classroom.

Intercultural learning

Internationalization and intercultural learning are key values here at King's. You'll have the opportunity to become more culturally sensitive and accepting through intercultural exposure. This can be further strengthened by programming which offers you an opportunity to develop your foreign language skills.

You're able to initiate and expand professional contacts, and work in new environments, while benefiting from practical international experience. You'll more fully develop your problem-solving skills, apply educational curricula in a real world environment, and gain first-hand exposure to the culture, language, economy, and history of another country.

In fact, students often return to their home country with increased self-confidence, maturity, tolerance, and a better understanding of the world!

Why choose Canada as your destination?

You can read about the benefits of studying in Canada here. To start, Canada is safe, welcoming, diverse, and well-respected internationally.

King's University College is located in London, Ontario, a short two-hour drive from Toronto. London's known as the Forest City due to our numerous hiking and biking trails. We get to experience all four seasons here in Canada and have a wide variety of activities and events you can participate in year-round. Check out this website for info on what it's like to live in London.

Like other institutions, King's wants to make sure our students feel welcome and supported on campus.

We have numerous initiatives in place to ensure a smooth transition for all of our students coming onto campus — especially our international students. Learn how we support our incoming international students at King's on our website.

We hope to see you on our campus soon!

Learn about life as an international student at King's

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