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How You Can Get Involved at Mount Allison University
Mount Allison has plenty of options for students to get involved. You just need to discover what opportunities speak to you.
Cricket is Taking Your Campus by Storm
Stay active this summer: join the sport that 200 million people worldwide are already playing!
4 Ways to Get Your Art Fix at Concordia University
Montréal is Canada's cultural capital, and for good reason! Here are some of the cool things you can experience around campus.
Getting Ready for Canada as an International Student
Useful tips and advice to help you prepare for your arrival in Canada.
Seneca Film Institute Transforms Education for Screen-Based Industries
Seneca Film Institute brings together expertise in animation, production, performance, and storytelling.
A Year in Montreal: North America
Summer, fall, winter, and spring all have lots to offer Concordia students in beautiful Montreal!
Benefits of Living On Campus
Flexibility, convenience, resources, opportunities, better outcomes: there's lots of reasons to live on campus!
Calgary is a Top Destination for International Students
Discover the welcoming, diverse, and scenic city located in Alberta, Canada.
Ryan Reynolds Visits Seneca College
Ryan Reynolds took a tour of the labs, studios, and classrooms at the Seneca Film Institute.
Get an Advantage with a Bilingual Degree
Discover the benefits of a bilingual education at York University's Glendon Campus.
Seneca Music Students Add Original Beats to Innovative Collaboration
Seneca music students help create soothing beats for students to listen to while studying or relaxing.
6 New Year
Setting a New Year's resolution is traditional! Following through with it? Less so. Let's change that for 2023!
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