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How to Make Friends and Get Involved at Carleton
New international students, make friends and get involved at Carleton!
Test Your Canadian IQ with the Canada Day Quiz!
We've got 20 fun questions to mark Canada's 157th birthday.
5 Reasons to Study in Calgary, Canada
Learn about the welcoming, diverse, and scenic city in Alberta, Canada.
Life Beyond the Classroom
There's more to your university experience than just your studies!
Sustainable Solutions to Societal Issues were the Focus of Conestoga’s Engineering Design Challenge
Engineering students at Conestoga College participated in a challenge to tackle real-world issues with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.
Money Diaries: Living at Home with Rania
Rania, an Accountancy student, shares what a week's worth of spending looks like in Montreal!
Cheap and Free Things to Do in Toronto as a Centennial College Student
Discover all the activities and places you can explore in and around Toronto!
6 New Year
Setting a New Year's resolution is traditional! Following through with it? Less so. Let's change that for 2023!
The Best Winter Activities in Lovely Montreal
The city comes alive in winter! Check out some of the fun things you can explore in Montreal, Quebec.
Happy holidays! We're celebrating the end of 2023, and ringing in 2024, with a look back on the most popular Canadian programs, schools, and more!
Winter Activities in Waterloo
Have fun in the cold weather and try something new!
Let It Snow: My First Winter in Canada
Find out how a TMU student survived her first winter in Canada as she shares her tips for how you can do the same.
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