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Canada is Extending International Students
If your PGWP has expired, or is expiring soon, you can extend it another 18 months so you can stay in Canada longer.
Ontario Colleges Set New Rules to Better Support International Students
As more and more students choose Ontario, the province's colleges have created new rules to ensure international students get the information and help they deserve.
International Students in Canada Will Soon Be Able to Work More Than 20 Hours Per Week
The Canadian government announced a change allowing international students to work more hours.
Still Waiting on Your Study Permit for Canada? Unfortunately, You
The immigration backlog in Canada means students around the world still don't have their student visas, a week into the new semester.
An effort to preserve and promote the French language is causing ripples among locals and international students alike.
Students in and from Ukraine are in a tough position right now. Schools are doing what they can to help.
Updated: Ontario College Strike Averted
Update: The Friday, March 18 strike deadline has been avoided. No strike!
Ukraine: Canadian Immigration Options, and Where You Can Donate
Find out how the Canadian government is supporting the people of Ukraine — and how you can help.
Who Should I Vote For? 2021 Platform Comparison of Canada
We run through the platforms of Canada's major political parties to break down their most relevant and interesting policy positions!
Updated: What Getting Vaccinated Means for You
Every Canadian can be fully vaccinated with the 66 million doses PM Justin Trudeau has secured. Now, the pandemic has become the pandemic of the unvaccinated.
Ryerson University Will be Renamed Due to History with Residential Schools
Ryerson University announces that it will change its name, among other things, to address Egerton Ryerson's history with residential schools.
Impacts of Covid-19 on Newcomers to Canada
Queen’s researcher helps conduct study to determine how Covid has affected newcomers’ food security, employment opportunities, and general health.
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