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New BA in Human Rights and Global Justice Launching at Trent in Fall 2024
New degree program features paid co-op opportunities, international field study, and hands-on career experience for students.
How Do Students Learn About Intelligence Briefings? How About Briefing a Former CIA Intelligence Officer
One University of New Brunswick professor has her students brief a former CIA intelligence officer to help them learn to think on their feet.
Queen’s Park Event Showcases OCAD U’s Contribution to Ontario
Through interactive exhibitions, faculty and students highlighted OCAD U’s pivotal role in solving the province's key challenges.
New Cap on International Student Work Hours: 20 Hours Per Week, Rising to 24 in September
Canada's revised the number of hours international students can work while school is in session. The new maximum is 20 hours per week, rising to 24 in September.
Updated: Canada Putting a Cap on International Student Admissions for Two Years
After years of growth in the number of international students in Canada, the government is cutting back for 2024 and beyond. Here's what this means for you.
Canada Doubling the Financial Requirement for International Students to Receive Study Permits
As of January 1, 2024, students will need at least $20,635 CAD in the bank to get a study permit, and this is likely to rise further each year.
Updated: International Students Will No Longer be Permitted to Work More than 20 Hours Per Week While Studying in Canada
As of May 1, 2024, a pilot program letting students work more during the school year will end.
Updated: Government of Canada Announces Changes to International Student Program, with More Changes to Come
Immigration officials will now review acceptance letters before a student visa is issued.
Coming to Canada as an Indian Student: Yes, Canada
Canada's at diplomatic odds with India right now. Is Canada still a safe place for Indian students to study?
Canada Puts a Pause on Deportations Over Acceptance Letter Scam
Some international students were given fraudulent acceptance letters by education agents. Now Canada's pausing the deportation of these students.
Canada is Extending International Students
If your PGWP has expired, or is expiring soon, you can extend it another 18 months so you can stay in Canada longer.
Ontario Colleges Set New Rules to Better Support International Students
As more and more students choose Ontario, the province's colleges have created new rules to ensure international students get the information and help they deserve.
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