Enhance Your Studies in Canada with a Homestay

By Kells Academy Modified on June 17, 2022
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Consider living with a Canadian family while you study at Kells Academy.

 Enhance Your Studies in Canada with a Homestay

Are you considering attending high school in Canada, but you’re not sure what that would look like or where you would live? Kells Academy, a Canadian private high school located in Montréal, Quebec, offers international students an opportunity to be part of our community — both in and out of school. Kells Academy’s homestay is a great option if you want to be fully immersed in Canadian culture and feel at home while you’re away from home.

What is a homestay?

Essentially, a homestay means that you live with a Canadian family in their home while you go to school in Canada. You’ll be away from your home country and family, but you’ll gain a Canadian family as you learn about Canadian culture and education.

Four benefits of a homestay

Discover how a homestay could elevate your time in Canada:

1. Gain a family in Canada

Being away from home, especially if it’s your first time, can be scary. Homestay families will welcome you into their home as if you were a member of the family. Homestay families are carefully screened, and most have experience hosting students, so you’ll always feel safe. A homestay will ensure that you quickly feel at home in Canada as your family provides you with a comfortable room and the chance to participate in family activities, such as sit-down dinners and weekend fun. Many homestay families will have their own children, so you’ll gain a brother or sister, though their ages may not match yours!

2. Discover the language and culture

Immersion is the best way to get familiar with a new language and culture. Like all Canadians, Kells Academy’s homestay families come from diverse cultures, and are usually eager to share their cultural experiences with their new “son” or “daughter.” Staying with a family will give you a unique insight into the Canadian way of life and is a great opportunity to practice your language skills. If you decide to do a homestay with us, you’ll have the option to choose either an English or French-speaking family depending on your needs, experiences, and preferences.

3. Live close to school

Thinking about where you’ll live while you study in Canada is stressful. You could rent an apartment, buy a condo, or stay in a hotel, but all these options can require lots of time commuting. With a homestay family at Kells Academy, you’re usually located a short walk or quick bus ride away from the school. You won’t have to worry about getting to school on time to make it to class, or staying after school for sports and clubs, as you’ll be a short distance away!

4. Plenty of support

Being in a different country is challenging, as you’re away from the family support that you grew up knowing. But at Kells Academy, we step in and ensure you’re supported every step of the way. We make every effort to provide you with a smooth transition into your new home with open communication between your homestay family and the school to ensure your dietary preferences and other concerns, including pets and allergies, are respected. You’ll have access to a 24-hour on-call coordinator to guarantee you feel safe, secure, and satisfied with your experience. Your homestay family will also provide you with support as you study in school and explore Canadian culture.

Who wouldn’t want a home away from home while they study? If you’re considering going to high school in Canada and want to join a community, then a homestay option like Kells Academy’s may be the best choice for you!

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