Tips for International Students Moving to St. John's

By Memorial University – St. John’s Campus Modified on October 19, 2022
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Memorial University shares some tops tips on what you should consider when you move to St. John's, Newfoundland.

 Tips for International Students Moving to St. John’s

Immigrating to a new country can be overwhelming, and adapting to a new routine, lifestyle, or culture takes time. At Memorial University (MUN), we want you to feel as prepared and confident as you can with the help of our quick guide for new students in Canada.

Budgeting as an international student

Budgeting is a very important practice. It helps one allocate funds smartly and avoid overspending. When coming to Canada, it is very important to have funds for food. Groceries for an average person in Newfoundland is $220 per month. This accounts for food, water, and snacks.

Expenses for the first month can be a little higher as some people need to buy kitchen staples such as cooking utensils. Dollarama and Walmart are very common places to shop for these items without breaking the bank! Some grocery stores such as Walmart and Sobeys even give out student discounts on Tuesdays if you present your MUN ID! MUNSU also provides a free grocery shuttle for MUN students. Having a grocery list can also help with sticking to a budget.

Where to find study materials

At the beginning of each semester, students usually have books and study materials to buy. MUN bookstores and amazon are great places to find good deals. Some teachers also provide online resources where students can buy course access.

It is recommended to set aside at least $500 for such textbooks and study materials to be on the same side. MUN has a wide variety of books and catalogues readily available that can be accessed through their online website or in person by visiting the Queen Elizabeth II library!


Another critical thing to consider is opening a bank account. Many local branches offer student checking accounts whereby students do not have to pay monthly fees. As a student, it is important to choose a branch in close proximity since many students do not have their own transportation.

Some of the most popular banks near MUN are easily accessible to students and are within walking distance of the campus; such as the Royal Bank of Canada (located in the UC), Scotiabank (located in Churchill Square) and CIBC (located in Churchill Square as well).

Resources for international students

Lastly, Memorial University offers a plethora of resources to newcomers. There are multiple study spots that one can book in advance! Designated help centres have been put in place as well to help students who are struggling with their respective fields of study. There is also the Internationalization Office that helps new students get settled in.

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