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Four Ways a Summer Job Can Prepare You for University
Discover how a summer job will help you start your time at university on the right foot.
Get to Know Canada
From high school to a doctorate, what could your education path look like in Canada?
Deferring Your Degree
Got accepted, but not ready to attend? Many students can defer acceptance to college or university. Get your education on a timeline that works for you.
Choosing Courses 101: Your Guide to First-Year Course Selection
Picking a good slate of courses is important to enjoying your year. Here's how to make the best of your options.
A Brand NU Start: Nipissing
The first season of A Brand NU Start features current and past students sharing their experiences of an undergrad at Nipissing.
How to Choose the Best Program for Your Career?
Discover what steps you should take to find the best program for the career you want.
How to Navigate the York University Application Process
Learn all the important websites and "To-Do" tasks ahead of applying to university in Ontario.
Academic Advising Prep Tips
Get the most out of your academic advising sessions with these top tips on how to prepare.
Top 10 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a University
Discover what you should consider when deciding where you'll go to university.
Four Reasons Why Practical Experience at Centennial is Your Key to Success
Discover what practical experience at Centennial College actually means.
How to Budget For and Afford University in Canada
How to find tuition information, research scholarships, and explore work opportunities to help pay for university.
5 Ways to Thrive in Grade 12: Looking Ahead at Your Next Steps
Networking, campus tours, open houses, and more: here's what you need to do to make your upcoming year a smashing success.
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