What You Need to Know for Your First Year of University

By University of Waterloo Modified on August 25, 2022
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Five tips to set you up for success when you first arrive at university.

What You Need to Know for Your First Year of University

The transition into university life will provide you with new experiences and new learning curves. How you set yourself up for success and get ahead will be up to you, but to make it easier we've put together five tips to help you start your first year off on the right foot.

1. Academic supports are available

Academic advisors and professors are a great resource when it comes to planning your degree and getting academic advice. We even have the Student Success Office, which is an entire office dedicated to providing resources to help students succeed! There is also free tutoring in residence for first-year courses; several courses even offer evening sessions hosted by upper-year tutors. Having tutoring available right in residence makes it super convenient and accessible for you to attend. With all these resources available, why not make use of them?

2. There's lot of great food options on campus

There are so many great places to eat on campus that you need to check out. Some notable mentions include Modern Languages Diner which has the best milkshakes and burgers, and 24/7 International News in the Student Life Centre that's open 24/7 with prepared meals, snacks, and drinks. Where will your go-to spot be?

3. There are cool hidden study spots on campus

For late risers, it can be a challenging ordeal to find study space in the main libraries on campus. The main study stops are Dana Porter Library and the Davis Centre Library, but some hidden gems for studying include the libraries in the University Colleges, the basement of the Quantum-Nano Centre, the quiet study room in Mathematics 3, and the bookable study rooms in the Student Life Centre. Finding your ideal spot to study on campus will be important as you get into your studies.

4. You don't have to be a pro athlete to join intramurals

Intramurals are a great way for you to meet other students who share similar interests, get active, and have fun. Many of the clubs and sport teams you were part of in high school probably also exist at university, so the transition to a new team should be relatively easy. If intramurals aren't your thing, there are clubs and other opportunities for you to get involved.

5. And finally, it's okay to make mistakes

You have plenty of time to learn and grow from them! Everyone makes mistakes, and if you understand and learn from them, you will continue to improve as a student and as a person. After all, it's the best way to learn.

Check out what's offered at UWaterloo's Student Success Centre

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