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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op
Anthropology Bachelor
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Archaeology Bachelor; Co-op
Archaeology Bachelor; Honours
Archaeology Bachelor
Archaeology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Asian Area Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Asian Area Studies Bachelor
Asian Area Studies Bachelor; Honours
Asian Area Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Asian Language & Culture Bachelor
Asian Language & Culture Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Asian Language & Culture Bachelor; Co-op
Asian Language & Culture Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor
Cognitive Systems (BA) Bachelor; Co-op
Cognitive Systems (BA) Bachelor
Cognitive Systems (BSc) Bachelor; Co-op
Cognitive Systems (BSc) Bachelor
Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor
Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Food and Nutritional Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Food, Nutrition, and Health Bachelor
Food, Nutrition, and Health Bachelor; Co-op
Gender, Race, Sexuality, & Social Justice Bachelor; Co-op
Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Bachelor
Geographical Sciences Bachelor
Geographical Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Geography: Environment and Sustainability Bachelor; Honours
Geography: Environment and Sustainability Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geography: Environment and Sustainability Bachelor
Geography: Environment and Sustainability Bachelor; Co-op
Geography: Human Geography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geography: Human Geography Bachelor; Co-op
Geography: Human Geography Bachelor
Geography: Human Geography Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Global Resource Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Global Resource Systems Bachelor
International Economics Bachelor; Co-op
International Economics Bachelor
International Relations Bachelor; Co-op
International Relations Bachelor
Journalism Master; Co-op
Latin American Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Latin American Studies Bachelor
Law Doctorate
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Media Studies Bachelor
Media Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Modern European Studies Bachelor; Honours
Modern European Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Modern European Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Modern European Studies Bachelor
Museum Studies Bachelor; Honours
Museum Studies Bachelor
Museum Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Museum Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology Bachelor
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Spanish Bachelor; Co-op
Spanish Bachelor
United States Studies Bachelor; Co-op
United States Studies Bachelor

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Applied Animal Biology Bachelor; Honours
Applied Animal Biology Bachelor
Applied Animal Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Applied Animal Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Astronomy Bachelor
Astronomy Bachelor; Co-op
Astronomy Bachelor; Honours
Astronomy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Atmospheric Science Bachelor
Atmospheric Science Bachelor; Co-op
Behavioural Neuroscience Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Behavioural Neuroscience Bachelor; Co-op
Behavioural Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Behavioural Neuroscience Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor; Co-op
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Biology Bachelor
Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor
Biophysics Bachelor; Honours
Biophysics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biotechnology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biotechnology Bachelor; Honours
Biotechnology Bachelor; Co-op
Biotechnology Bachelor
Cellular, Anatomical, & Physiological Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Cellular, Anatomical, & Physiological Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Cellular, Anatomical, & Physiological Sciences Bachelor
Cellular, Anatomical, & Physiological Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op
Chemistry Bachelor
Earth & Ocean Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth & Ocean Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Earth & Ocean Sciences Bachelor
Earth & Ocean Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Food & Nutritional Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Food and Nutritional Sciences Bachelor
Geographical Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Geographical Sciences Bachelor
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Co-op
Geology Bachelor
Geology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor
Geophysics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor; Co-op
Integrated Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Integrated Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Integrated Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Integrated Sciences Bachelor
Microbiology & Immunology Bachelor
Microbiology & Immunology Bachelor; Honours
Microbiology & Immunology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Microbiology & Immunology Bachelor; Co-op
Nutritional Sciences Bachelor
Nutritional Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Oceanography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Oceanography Bachelor
Oceanography Bachelor; Co-op
Oceanography Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor; Co-op
Pharmacology Bachelor
Pharmacology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Physics Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Vantage One: Science Bachelor

Humanities and Languages

Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies Bachelor
Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies Bachelor; Honours
Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Creative Writing Bachelor
Creative Writing Bachelor; Co-op
English Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
English Bachelor; Honours
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Co-op
First Nations and Endangered Languages Bachelor
French Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
French Bachelor; Co-op
French Bachelor; Honours
French Bachelor
German Bachelor; Co-op
German Bachelor
German Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
German Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor
History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
History Bachelor; Co-op
Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Medieval Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Medieval Studies Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Religion Bachelor; Co-op
Religion Bachelor

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Art History Bachelor
Art History Bachelor; Co-op
Art History Bachelor; Honours
Art History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Film Production Bachelor; Co-op
Film Production Bachelor
Music Bachelor; Co-op
Music Bachelor; Honours
Music Bachelor
Music Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Music: Advanced Performance Bachelor
Music: Advanced Performance Bachelor; Co-op
Music: Composition Bachelor; Co-op
Music: Composition Bachelor
Music: General Studies Bachelor
Music: General Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Music: Scholarship Bachelor
Music: Scholarship Bachelor; Co-op
Theatre Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Theatre Studies Bachelor
Theatre Studies Bachelor; Honours
Theatre Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Theatre: Acting Bachelor
Theatre: Acting Bachelor; Co-op
Theatre: Design and Production Bachelor; Co-op
Theatre: Design and Production Bachelor
Visual Art (BA) Bachelor; Co-op
Visual Art (BA) Bachelor
Visual Art (BFA) Bachelor
Visual Art (BFA) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Visual Art (BFA) Bachelor; Co-op
Visual Art (BFA) Bachelor; Honours

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Business and Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op
Business and Computer Science Bachelor
Computer Science (BA) Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science (BA) Bachelor
Computer Science (BSc) Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science (BSc) Bachelor
Computer Science (BSc) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Integrated Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op
Integrated Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Integrated Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Integrated Computer Science Bachelor
Integrated Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Integrated Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Integrated Sciences Bachelor
Mathematical Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Mathematical Sciences Bachelor
Mathematical Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematical Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (BA) Bachelor
Mathematics (BA) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (BA) Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics Bachelor
Statistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics Bachelor; Honours

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness


Business, Management and Public Administration

Business and Computer Science Bachelor
Business and Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op
Commerce Bachelor
Commerce Bachelor; Co-op
Social Work Bachelor


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